Casual Clothes – How Do You Wear A Suit?

Casual Clothes - How Do You Wear A Suit?

Men to buy the latest clothes is a learning, in the daily work, we can not avoid attending some formal occasions, these occasions for dress etiquette is very important, the purchase of casual clothes for men, is whether the suit is dressed appropriately.

I believe that many friends have encountered such problems – why do people wear suits like financial elites, and I wear them like real estate agents … When you don’t think about your body, buy a suit, when you don’t correct your body, you follow someone else’s suit, and when you don’t trim your edges, pretend to be confident.

Casual Clothes  - How Do You Wear A Suit?

Do you say that this suit can be worn elegantly and decently? “How do you choose a shirt?” “-“Fit, impervious, white!The selection of suits and shirts is also very exquisite.
The first is fit, size is large rheus or small, will destroy the overall shape! The second is the shirt style, must follow the minimalist principle, and is long-sleeved, short-sleeved shirt belongs to the casual shirt category, can not be in the hall. Finally, the fabric, the suit shirt fabric is mostly selected pure cotton fabric, and for the high number of fine fabrics, smooth and soft texture, thickness to invisible chest skin for the best.

Most of the colors choose pure white, of course, light blue (fine stripes) is also possible.
When you attend a formal occasion, the shirt buttons should be all buttoned, cuff snout buttons also to be buttoned, and cuffs to reveal the suit cuffs 1-2cm, which reflects both the sense of dress hierarchy, but also to maintain the style cuffs clean. The shirt must be tucked into the trousers, finishing smoothly, the waist a little left a spare can be.

Those guys in suits (in formal) and exposed shirts, either drink too much, or two fools… “What do you care about in the pants?” “-“The spare amount of the crotch, the trouser length to be moderate!The choice of trousers, the same to follow the “fit” this keyword, then what is the fit?

The main thing is to look at the crotch position, to leave a suitable space for movement, can not card the flesh on both sides of the thigh (will be very uncomfortable), can not be too loose (wrapped around the hips), so the width and narrow to moderate. Then there is the problem of trouser length, if you are not tall, it is best to choose just fell on the upper floor, or the length of nine points, the purpose is to make your overall proportion more coordinated, good-looking. There is also the details of the treatment, wearing trousers, exposed belt is certainly a problem, but remember to avoid that kind of belt buckle is particularly large, otherwise it will destroy the sense of the pants (the upstart is the sense of vision).

It is recommended to choose the trousers with loose straps inside, which can be eliminated directly from the belt. To tell you the truth, wearing this kind of thing, reference star is not entirely reliable, because the star has their job needs, in the lens, the show wearing, does not equal to the daily wear.A suit is a youth clothing.

We and the star’s career is different, fashion and match also do not understand too much, so it is honest to wear a hundred, ordinary casual clothes bar .

Above is to introduce to you how to wear a suit?
Hope it will help you to buy casual clothes for men in the future.

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