How Do I Buy Casual Clothes For Elderly ?

How Do I Buy Casual Clothes For Elderly ?

The older the elderly, the greater the physical decline and the body’s resistance is weak, the reduction of body temperature regulation function is easy to lead to winter fear of cold, summer fear of heat phenomenon, winter may have to wear a lot of cold, summer and easy to sweat. Therefore, casual clothes are comfortable for the elderly to wear.

The old man worked hard all my life, and now the old we are better to take good care of them, then how do we do children to buy the latest clothes for the elderly?

How Do I Buy Casual Clothes For Elderly ?

一.Buy Clothes Online

Online purchase can be mailed directly to home, both convenient and time-saving and style and style.
There are a few things to note about online purchases:
1. The quality of clothes to be guaranteed, which requires us to study carefully. 2. To have the correct size.
You can ask the old man about the size of your clothes, or you can according to your height and weight. Consult customer service.
Basically you can buy the right size. 3. Color selection. The color of the picture on the Internet may differ from the physical object you see for reasons of shooting, so try to wear the color as much as possible in the choice of color.

二.Take the old man to the mall to buy himself

With the elderly to buy in person, first plan in advance several special store front selling old people’s clothing route, Select a time period for which a person has less traffic. Then and the elderly to discuss the specific time, generally try to arrange in the morning or after lunch sunny weather to go, do not choose the weekend, because the weekend traffic and the road more people, not suitable to travel.Don’t go to too many places at once, the old man’s physical strength is limited.

三.The choice of clothing color and pattern

Old people clothing style is generally simple lines, simple, simple, especially more able to reflect the elderly stable and introverted character, color to deep and appropriate. Common have black, gray, white monochrome, especially light purple, light ink green, light coffee and other light colors such as color are very beautiful and appropriate. Don’t choose stripes too many too messy too bright color, the old people will like.The pattern is best to dark patterns and dark flowers mainly, so simple and generous to look good.

How Do I Buy Casual Clothes For Elderly ?

四.Choice of clothing fabric

Old people’s clothing to cotton and other soft fabrics for the best. If it is chemical fiber cloth is easy to produce static electricity, should not be directcontact edified to the skin. On the contrary, silk is a more popular fabric in middle age and old age, which is mainly silk-based. It can be used to make a variety of clothing, especially suitable for making women’s clothing. It has a thin, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, rich luster, noble and elegant, comfortable wearing and other advantages.If you wear clothing in a formal social setting, it is advisable to choose cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp products.

五. Old people dress to emphasize personalization

Because the old man’s body, face, fat and thin are different, so should also choose the appropriate clothing on demand. Tall old man, the color should be dark and monochrome, while the small old man is the next color is appropriate, so can appear slender.


六.Health clothes are practical

The old man should not only dress well, but also be healthy. Clothing styles can be slightly tighter, but can not be too thin, in order to prevent blood vessels affected by blood circulation. Therefore, the clothing of the elderly should choose light, soft, warm good clothing, such as thick cotton jacket or down jacket. The style should be wider and comfortable to wear. In addition, the elderly should also pay attention to the hot days less wear tights, pants too tight is not conducive to the body discharge of sweat, but conducive to the invasion of germs.

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