How Much Do You Know About The Material Of The Sweaters In Casual Clothing?

How Much Do You Know About The Material Of The Sweaters In Casual Clothing?

In the cold winter, sweaters as casual clothing is very popular with everyone, can be warm, its material swear on the body has very comfortable, therefore, this kind of casual clothing demand is very large.

Then, do you know how to buy the latest clothes, you know men’s casual clothing sweater material is different?The sweater according to the material of different different kinds, the following let the small editor to introduce to you.


Sheep wool as raw materials, is the most popular knitted sweater, its needle path is clear, shirt smooth, light foot, bright color, feel full and elastic.

2.Cashmere sweater

Also known as cashmere shirts, cashmere as raw materials, is the best in sweaters. Its light and warm, delicate gorgeous, delicate and smooth, comfortable and soft wearing, because of the short cashmere fiber, its easy ball, wearless than ordinary sweaters, at the same time because cashmere resources are scarce, so cashmere sweaters expensive.This type of sweater is most common in old-aged clothing because it is particularly warm.

How Much Do You Know About The Material Of The Sweaters In Casual Clothing?

3.Sheep sweater

With underage lamb wool as raw material, it is also known as lamb sweater, is a continental product of coarse-woven sweaters.Because the lamb is thin and soft, the lamb sweater is delicate and soft, the price is moderate.

4.Sheeran sweater

Originally native to the British island of Shetland, Shetland wool as raw material, mixed with coarse and hard cavity hair, feel slightly prickly, sherlan sweater rich puffing, natural rough, less difficult to shrink, low price.Now known as the Sheran sweater with this style, so the sherlan has become synonymous with the rough style.

5.Rabbit sweater

Generally use a certain proportion of rabbit wool and wool mixed textile, rabbit sweater features in the fiber fine, feel slippery, surface fluff, soft color, fluffy good, wearing comfortable, wearing the surface fluff easy to fall off, warm than wool clothing;Can make its color more pure, gorgeous, unique, especially suitable for making young women’s coat.

6.Yak velvet shirt

The use of Tibetan plateau yak cashmere as raw materials, its style is slightly inferior to cashmere sweaters, feel silky and delicate, not easy to start the ball, and the price is much lower than cashmere sweaters, but yak cashmere sweater color monotonous, suitable for men’s clothing.

How Much Do You Know About The Material Of The Sweaters In Casual Clothing?

7.Mahai sweater

To the mountain wool originated in Angra as raw material, its glossy crystal shiny, smooth soft and elastic, light puffy, breathable ball, wearing comfortable warm and durable, is a high-grade products, higher prices.

8.Alpaca sweater

To native to Chile’s alpaca wool as raw material, fiber rough, smooth, smooth and elastic, with natural pigment, puffing extensive, not easy to start the ball, warm and durable, is a rise in recent years a high-end product, the price is higher than ordinary sweaters.

9.Chemical fiber sweater

The common feature of clothing is that it is lighter. Such as acrylic shirt, generally with acrylic puffed yarn weaving, its hair sense strong, bright color, light soft puff, the return rate is only 0-4.5%, fiber fracture strength than wool fiber high, will not worm moth, but its elastic recovery rate is lower than wool, warmth is not as low as pure sweaters, cheap, but easy to start ball, suitable for children’s clothing.
On the international market to acrylic, nylon blend of imitation rabbit wool yarn, denatured blue imitation horse sea hair yarn, its shirt can be comparable with natural rabbit hair, mahair clothing.

10.Mixed sweaters

With a variety of animal hair and chemical fiber “complementary characteristics”, its appearance has a sense of hair, anti-stretch strength improved, reduce the cost of sweaters, is a cheap products.
However, in the blended sweater, there are different types of fiber dyeing, different color absorption ability caused by the dyeing effect is not ideal characteristics and properties.

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