How Should Warm Clothing Be Purchased As Casual Clothes?

How Should Warm Clothing Be Purchased As Casual Clothes?

Everyone in the purchase of casual clothes is, will choose casual clothes, warm clothing as a typical casual clothes has been loved by everyone, then, warm clothing should be how to buy it?

Below, xiao editor for you to introduce the selection of warm clothing points.

Point one: Don’t be fooled by novel publicity terms It is understood that the national mandatory standards for natural fiber, chemical fiber name is clearly defined, production enterprises must label the product ingredients of textile raw materials, and must use the name of national standards, such as spandex, propylene, polyester and so on. At present, the market sales of thermal underwear packaging similar to “thermal card”, “Lycra”, “heat”, “magic card”, “super warm” and other publicity words to show the efficacy of warmth so that consumers such as falling clouds, unknown so, in fact, these novel words are only propaganda “gimmick”, common heatcard and heat card refers to acrylic, Lycra is a different name for artificial elastic fiber spandex.
Consumers in the purchase of thermal underwear, do not have to be confused with the complex propaganda, only need to look at the product label logo to understand what material the product is using.

How Should Warm Clothing Be Purchased As Casual Clothes?

Point two: buy warm underwear should pay attention to the warm effect Many of the purchase of casual clothes thermal clothing promoters do not understand the relevant product quality standards, in the publicity often exaggerate the product thermal effect. In the “knitting thermal underwear” standard, the warm rate of thermal underwear is an important indicator to measure the effect of product swarm, according to the standard, the warm-up rate of thermal underwear must not be less than 30%, otherwise it can only be regarded as ordinary knitted underwear. At present, there is a part of the market to implement the standard of thermal underwear, on the product packaging on the label of the heat rate and other relevant data indicators. In addition, the thermal underwear insulation effect is closely related to its thickness.
Consumers want to buy warm products, shop for youth clothing ,in addition to comparing different products using materials, the most important thing is to choose a higher fabric thickness of thermal underwear.

Point three: according to their own needs to buy warm underwear Textile fabrics are generally divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers, natural fibers including cotton, silk, wool, velvet and hemp, the advantages of strong moisture absorption, elasticity, softness, good breathability, comfortable wearing, the disadvantageis is easy to shrink, easy to deform. Spandex, acrylic, nylon, silk, viscose and cellulose fibers are all chemical fibers. Many warm underwear are used to add a certain proportion of chemical fibers to natural fiber fabrics, in order to overcome the cotton fabric shrinkage, deformation, ball and other issues.
As a result, consumers can choose the latest clothes according to their own needs.

How Should Warm Clothing Be Purchased As Casual Clothes?

Point four: physical stores and online stores, should choose reliable, reputable shop purchase
Consumers should also pay attention to check the product label logo, and to the dealer to obtain an invoice, in washing warm underwear, in accordance with the label of washing requirements for cleaning, so as not to be due to their own improper washing caused damage. The above is a small editor to show you how to buy casual clothing, buy warm clothing should see what points.

I believe that we have a certain understanding of the latest clothing!

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