How To Buy Casual Lothes For Baby?

How To Buy Casual Lothes For Baby?

Don’t rush baby clothes. Do you know how much casual clothes a baby needs? Do you know what size and material baby fits in the latest clothes? The baby’s first summer is coming, wear more afraid of him too hot, wear less afraid of him catch cold, there are so many styles and materials of baby clothes on the market, how to choose for him? Small make up to introduce this small knowledge of baby products.

Baby casual clothes refers to the latest clothes suitable for infants up to the age of one. During this year, the growth rate of babies is very fast. Babies of different months have special requirements on clothes. Although baby outfit is small, very tall to quality requirement however, pure cotton material is qualitative absorb sweat permeability sex beautiful, feel comfortable to become the material with the most popular baby dress.

How To Buy Casual Lothes For Baby?

The benefits of wearing baby clothes
Baby wear inside can not be mentioned is climbing clothes, now the mothers a paper diaper more, two to know the benefits of climbing clothes, climbing clothes in foreign countries is the basic, the baby is generally born to wear, to wear 2-3 years old or so, because it is joined, first can protect the baby’s belly button from cold. The second is very convenient to wear, the following secret button can be opened to facilitate the replacement of wet urine! And also be very joker design, deserve to wear pants, carry skirt, single pants is very beautiful, and can solve the problem that string up on the meeting of cent body clothes, very good protection baby’s little belly.

First.What are the advantages of baby wearing climbing clothes:

1, the traditional tie or elastic pants, a lot of mothers are worried about the baby’s tender skin will affect the baby’s bone development, and climbing clothes do not have this trouble;

2.It is a diaper change. The design of open file makes the process of diaper change very simple. And PP parts are reserved for the position of the diaper, the baby wear up not tight, feel very comfortable;

3, climbing clothes are basically full opening or binding, whether it is a newborn or a little older baby is easy to wear, especially when the baby’s neck is not tough, easy to wear, some new mothers see a jumper and baby’s soft little body fluster, wearing climbing clothes will not be so embarrassed.If you pay more attention to the details of children’s clothing, you can choose good clothes.

Second. The benefits of wearing baby clothes
1.Pay attention to details
When buying, check your baby’s clothes carefully, do not have hard seams or rough stitching, these may make your baby’s skin hurt, especially new baby’s clothes to avoid too much decoration, such as neckline lace, buttons, zippers and other things.

2, pay attention to the fabric
When choosing baby’s clothes, also pay attention to choose the washable and fadeless fabric of jingqi. During the washing process, do not use any biological washing powder or fiber softener, which will leave on the clothes and irritate baby’s skin.

3.Soft skin sticking is preferred
Clothing should be soft and comfortable, and mothers should choose natural fabrics of cotton or wool, because natural fabrics allow the baby to regulate his body temperature better.

4.Buy big, not small
When choosing clothes for a newborn, it’s best to choose a size that will last at least two months. Even if the new clothes are a little too big for your baby, they will not affect his growth and development, but they should not be too close, too tight will restrict the baby’s development, the baby will be uncomfortable to wear on the body.

5.Recommend monk clothes
For newborn babies, monk clothes with front opening or wide round collar are best, because the baby does not like to have his face covered by clothes, while clothes with front opening are convenient for the baby to wear, take off and change diapers, and can reduce the baby’s exposure to the body.

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